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Captain Rick Dunlap

Captain Rick is a second generation captain with 21 years as a full time Licensed Guide on Lake Erie with a US Coast Guard 100 Ton Masters License that is unlimited, anywhere in the US inland waters or oceans. On Lake Erie, Captain Rick has run over 3,000 charters and knows the lake from Toledo to Avon Lake area, and to Pelee Island and north. Rick knows the lake, and the movement of the fish on a seasonal basis.

"And you don’t have to twist his arm to go Smallmouth bass fishing – his favorite trip, next to the area’s world famous walleye."

Other captains quote 30 years experience. Rick has 40 years experience. But the difference between experience and being a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain is the performance level is greater.


Rick’s father started the charter service back in 1957. He also built Rickard’s Bait & Tackle on Route 53 – formerly Dunlap’s Bait and Tackle in the early 60’s. As a young teenager, Rick and his dad caught minnows at night and sold them through the bait store and wholesale to other bait stores. Rick’s mother ran the bait store during the day while his dad ran charters.

During the winter months, Rick’s father captained boats for:

Mr. Molson of Molson Beer, Grand Bahamas Island
Mr. Stranahan of Champion Spark Plug, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
John Goerlich of Questor Corporation
Captain Rick also fished Key West, Florida from 1979 to 1992, at which time he was running over 300 charters per year between Lake Erie and Florida.

Captain Rick worked as a mate aboard the Kay Venture, owned by Tex Schram, former manager of the Dallas Cowboys, out of Key West’s Oceanside Marina. He also delivered many yachts from Lake Erie to Florida. He captained the BillFisher and Fish Buster at Garrison Bight Marina, Key West for owner Captain Bill Kieldsen. Rick ran both these boats for Captain Bill and learned a tremendous amount from him. Bill also fished in Australia for black marlin as a mate for Captain Peter Wright, a world famous marlin guide, and brought new techniques to Key West.

Rick leased the charter boat Irishmen for two years at Key West. He fished the Gulf, Flats, Atlantic, using both light medium and heavy tackle.

He has also delivered many yachts from Lake Erie to Florida.

Catch Lake Erie's Finest Fishing

Captain “Turbo” Gary Mol

Captain “Turbo” Gary Mol has been fishing Lake Erie since 1980.  He started as a client and then moved to first mate and has now been a captain on Lake Erie for over 10 years. 

His favorite saying is “I’ll love Walleye fishing even better tomorrow!”  He really does love what he does.  He is just as at home with the beginner fishermen as he is with the weathered journeymen.  When fishing with Turbo you can count on 3 things:  a clean boat, proper tackle and 100% effort every day!  You’ll probably have a few laughs during the day too.  He loves this stuff!!!

Catch Lake Erie's Finest Fishing!

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